#5 John Coomer

“An Interesting Newcomer”

John Paul Coomer is a Texan, Farmer, and proud dog owner that moved here in May from Fort Worth, Texas. He owns a company called Texas Land and Ag, which helps people, farms, and ranches grow better food. His company builds projects that involve hydro and aquaponics systems, custom veggies gardens, living walls, living outdoor areas and living art. His mission is to provide the best knowledge, help and principles of permaculture to the island. Although new to the island, John Paul, is working to make great and positive impact for the community as soon as he stepped foot on the island. John comes from a family of East Texas that picked and farmed flowers, tomatoes, and watermelons. He enjoys the outdoors, fishing and hunting. Especially waterfowl and upland game. He is a member of Delta Waterfowl, The Sons of the Republic of Texas, and the Galveston Rugby Football Club.